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I've waited weeks (months) to post about this adorable baby quilt I made. My friend Casey is expecting and her baby shower was a couple weekends ago! She is due in July and although a thick chenille quilt isn't exactly going to be in season, this quilt will make a perfect playmat for baby. Oh, by the way – it's a girl!

I actually did not find this on Pinterest, although after making it and looking around…the photos and blog link have made their way to Pinterest. A teacher that I often substitute for recommended this project to me as she had just completed it.  Yep, that's me, talking quilts with the nearly retired teachers at school. 

I'm not ambitious enough to post a full tutorial – and I'm not great at taking pictures along the way.  I will say that I followed this tutorial mostly – I did change a few things with trial and error that I'll note.

Overall, it was a really fun project.  A really fun, TIME CONSUMING project.  You'd think sewing 148 [ I counted ] straight lines would be the difficult part, but quite honestly it was cutting the channels that was the most painful. If I did this project again I would definitely invest in a chenille cutter.  Aesthetic's Nest tutorial even suggested a chenille cutter but I dove in with a really sharp pair of scissors. 

I found my printed fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. It's actually from the home decor fabric section but it's a heavy weight cotton that was perfect for this project. For me, choosing a geometric print is tricky because I'm a perfectionist and like my patterns to line up perfectly with the edges.  Let's say I came extremely close to my pattern lining up just the way I wanted it. The "cut chenille" is actually FLANNEL.  Can you even believe that? I never really work with flannel so to learn that 3-5 layers of flannel – cut in channels –  actually becomes chenille was amazing to me. You can choose any basic flannel.  It can be printed (Aesthetic's Nest tutorial used a print) but I opted to use all solids.

For the binding, the tutorial suggested using 180" satin baby blanket binding that you can find at any fabric store. I did not have great luck using satin binding so I opted to use bias tape in baby pink. It was easier to work with, but all said and done – if I had to do it again I would most likely make my own binding with leftover fabric. 

If I decide to embark on another long journey of sewing straight lines and cutting channels, I think I will do so with this blanket.  Also from Aesthetic Nest's blog, I just LOVE the chevron fabric and the way the flannel frays in zigzags on the reverse side! 




4 Responses to Cut Chenille Baby Blanket
  1. Megan Reply

    holy crap, D – that is gorgeous!  great job! 

  2. Robyn Reply

    So glad you posted something new…those oatmeal cookies made me hungry!!  You did an amazing job on this quilt!  I know Casey loved it !

  3. mom Reply

    I agree with Robyn!!!! it was beautiful !! in fact i would love one for me too!! Good job sweetie …and yes those cookies made me hungry also!!! love you~ MOM

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